Instructions For Rebuilding The Anarchist International


While it may seem irrational for us to suggest that the Anarchist International must be rebuilt (given that it exists), we assure you that it certainly is irrational and that it is not a trick of your imagination. The Anarchist International has existed perpetually throughout time but there are moments where it falls into disrepair, forgets its own existence and must re-articulate itself to itself. We are currently living in the end of one of those moments of forgetfulness. With the intention of aiding in this re-articulation, we offer the following step-by-step instructions for rebuilding what already exists.


I: Asses lack of infrastructure


Given that anarchists have not been able to build or maintain very much in the grander context of the war, making a quick assessment of what is currently at hand and how it could be used sustainably in the offensive is a vital first step. There are issues of food, supplies, printing, the internet, vehicles and other necessities to deal with. Knowing who would be willing to provide these things is important. It is not important for them to be anarchists but it is certainly ideal if they are. If they are not anarchists, they must understand you to be one (unless something prevents this).


II: Explain fragment of the offensive to others


Given that you yourself do not know the full nature of the current offensive, it is of the utmost importance that you explain some aspect of it to numerous people around you. The world revolutionary Geist is everywhere at the current moment and people are strongly receptive to the ideas and memories we have carried with us through time. Clearly explaining what anarchism is and is not to large numbers of people will cause an immediate articulation of the Anarchist International. There are some who may be able to do this addressing large crowds, there are others who can only do it through private conversations and there are some who do it accidentally. However it is done, explain it clearly and never waver from what you know anarchism to be. There are many anarchist tendencies but all of them are against capitalism and the state. For our purposes, that is sufficient. The rest will be sorted out later.


III: Establish local lines of communication and transmission


Given that many people are coming into increased contact with anarchists and our ideas, it is important to establish clear lines of communication between people who are interested in expanding anarchist practices and infrastructure. While most anarchists operate in small groups of friends that tend to be closed, it is necessary to openly spread details of initiatives and plans to people who may or may not be anarchists. Any plan that is easy to connect with, understand and participate in will draw increasing numbers of people. Obviously, channels must open between diverse individuals and the simplest way to do this is to openly spread information to those who are drawn towards offensive activity. Trusted faces will increase, the response to call-outs will grow and more people will appear at each action. This is a simple tactic but it is often inexplicably difficult for anarchists to comprehend. So that we are not misunderstood, we will say it simply: TALK TO ALL WHO WANT TO LISTEN


IV: Quickly establish new infrastructure


Given that a large enough network exists to mobilize for such an undertaking, new infrastructure must be created as swiftly as possible. With the world experiencing bursts of mutiny, conspiracy and rebellion, it is now possible to appropriate property, land and other such things with more ease than we have previously experienced. Swiftness is key, however. Our enemy is hoping to localize and contain rebellion in singular areas. Metastasizing will make it more difficult for the enemy to brutally crush the free spaces we create with overwhelming displays of power that are intended to repel people from our ideas and tactics. By spreading ourselves thin, we also weaken our defensive capabilities. That is why the infrastructure we create must be defensible not only with our own bodies and force, but with the Geist that animates the networks of people that bring the infrastructure into being. As we have stated numerous times, the world revolutionary Geist is what allows any of what we are describing to take place. Fortunately the Geist is here and if the previous steps are taken, the infrastructure will maintain itself. (For more information on the subject of infrastructure, consult Anarchist International Text 2.1)


V: Spread to neighborhoods, cities, regions


Given that infrastructure has been quickly created in multiple locations, it is imperative to continue to spread in every direction. Neighborhoods will be the first territories affected by the spread of our ideas and tactics. A neighborhood cannot be transcended as a territorial limitation until there is no need to repeat the basic tactics described above. Once a neighborhood is sympathetic to (if not overtly supportive of) our activities and there are no more petty quarrels amongst the population, it will be possible to link up with other initiatives in different neighborhoods. If these initiatives are sponsored by anarchists, it will be all the easier to begin the process of spreading across an entire city. Make no mistake, there will always be conflict amongst incompatible tendencies and proclivities. However, our ideas will spread on their own, by virtue of their resonance with the world revolutionary Geist. We need only follow our own ideas, intervene in the inevitable civil conflicts that will arise because of them and protect those same territories where our ideas have come to thrive. Once a city has become a cauldron of subversion, it will connect with the entire surrounding region due to the existence of cars, buses and trains.


VI: Destroy the Pyramids of Giza


Given that the previous five steps have been taken, it is absolutely imperative that the following message be transmitted to our comrades in Egypt:


None of us will succeed unless you physically destroy the Pyramids of Giza. We understand the importance these relics have for those employed in the tourist industry and the resistance they would put up to defend them. But that is precisely why they must be destroyed. These archaic monstrosities, built by slaves, have absorbed an inordinate amount of attention and energy. Egypt has suffered from numerous foreign occupations due in no small part to our enemies fixation on what they represent: TOTAL CONTROL. All invaders have sought to claim the pyramids as their own. What we find most disturbing, however, is the fixation that contemporary wage-slaves have in regards to these disgusting temples. If you can convince the population of Cairo to destroy these relics of tyranny and slavery, we win. In no uncertain terms, this is the final task. Cross the river with pickaxes in your hands. Head south along the Nile until you reach Al-Ahram and then follow that road south-west all the way to the sands of Giza. Climb to the top of the three pyramids and begin chipping away at what remains of their tips. If you can do this, if you can convince the slaves to not only hate but to destroy the temples of the masters, you will have won the war. The world may continue to crumble, but you will have committed the crime that contains all other crimes. Have courage, friends, and prepare yourselves for what we all must do, everywhere. The pyramids have persisted through time and so have we. Our time is now. Do what must be done. Now. Go.

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